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Before and After Makeover Photos

Before and After Makeover Photos

Maybe you read an article with a suggestion for something to do to improve yourself. Maybe two million women or men read that article. That article was not personalized. My MAKEOVERS are a personal analysis for you. After you've had a Personal Beauty Analysis and Makeover from Gloria Bell, you will know why and how to keep up the new you. You will have more self-confidence with a different attitude and self-image.

The program I've put together for your Personal Makeover is what I believe is necessary to give you an overall knowledge to create a new confident you. It is varied for women, men and children. The Makeup application and lesson are optional for men and children.

COLOR ANALYSIS: Learn the correct shades and intensities of colors you should wear in your clothing, makeup and hair color to compliment your unique skin tone. This is based on the undertones of your skin through four different tests. The incorrect colors will make you look pasty and sickly, while the correct colors will bring out your inner beauty and make your eyes sparkle and face brighten. This analysis will be 'forever', tanned or not, old or young.

SKIN TYPE AND CARE WITH AN UPLIFTING FACIAL AND ENERGETIC FACELIFT: A skin analysis scope is used to identify your type of skin and special problems which determines the care to be followed.Then the UPLIFTING FACIAL applies frequencies through the face to your whole body; to be absorbed in your cells where certain frequencies are needed for balance. Your skin will be cleansed, detoxed, exfoliated and moisturized with special oils infused with BluePrint Frequencies. These frequencies will not only bring the cells of your skin into balance but will restore energy frequencies through communication pathways through your whole body. During the Masque Treatment, a ZeroPoint Laser is used to infuse more Energy Frequencies and some Memories of Emotional Trauma are Cleared from your cells. Once you are calm and relaxed, the Energetic Facelift is applied. An Energetic Facelift is an amazing process which reverses the appearance of aging on the face and creates similar effects throughout the body. It can tighten, smooth and rejuvenate your face and your body. During the Energetic Facelift, you will hold a Clear Set and a Clearing of Emotional Trauma will be processed through all of your seven chakras, leaving you with a better feeling of peace and contentment.

MAKEUP APPLICATION AND LESSON: Makeup is applied while you learn how to apply your makeup according to your face shape and lifestyle. You will learn some basics, so it will not matter if you change products later.

HAIRSHAPING: Your hair is cut after we discuss and determine the shape you should have according to your face shape and the type and thickness of your hair. As long as you know the shape your hair should be, you can work that in as styles change.

HAIR COLOR: Learn what shades of hair color you could wear to compliment your skin tones and tailored specifically for your face shape and the shape your hair should be. Learn some color tricks for that final special look. Haircolor application is an optional add-on.

BODY SHAPE: Learn some fashion tricks for the overall effect to have you look taller, shorter, thinner, wider, etc.

GETTING HEALTHIER: Receive a preorder of “Healing Yourself Made Simple”, to be released and shipped to you late summer of 2015. This amazing book will show you many techniques for healing the Medical, Energy and Cellular Bodies of YOU.


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The Personal Beauty Analysis Makeover includes all of the above.

Gloria is a REDKEN Specialist and uses REDKEN products for hair color and texture wave services plus her conditioning and styling products.

The other services that are available and may be added to your PERSONAL BEAUTY ANALYSIS AND MAKEOVER are listed below:

TEXTURE WAVES AND CURLS: Includes a consultation, chemical remover, hair shaping, REDKEN wave, three REDKEN conditioners, and finish styling with home instructions.

HAIRCOLOR: Many techniques and types of color are available. Includes consultation, chemical remover, REDKEN color, REDKEN conditioners, and finish styling with home instructions. I can do drastic changes or subtle changes. I can do various techniques for men that aren't that noticeable but do the trick. Hair color can create many different looks.

LOC-in Extensions and Eyelash Extensions: click here or go to

BRASIL CACAU TREATMENT: A chemical-free thermal hair reconstruction that lasts from 2-3 months.

WAXING: Waxing for facial hair removal is available.

She is also trained to REVERSE AGING and DISEASE through Lifestyle Changes for the Medical Body, Energy Body and Cellular Body. Go to

Some services may be added to your Personal Beauty Analysis Makeover when scheduling your reservation; while other services may require another days reservation.



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